Terahertz homeland security and screening

TeraSense develops active THz cameras for remote concealed object detection in high throughput places. Our solutions are compact and affordable, suitable even for private usage.

Personnel screening

THz radiation is safe for screening people and penetrates clothes. This makes it an ultimate tool for search of hidden objects on people (e. g. concealed weapons). Terasense have developed a concept of active (in other words, including a source of THZ radiation) system for people screening (see schematic on figure). Basic idea of our device is as follows: several sub-THz IMPATT diodes light a person being inspected and Terasense camera captures a real-time full-body reflection image. Metallic objects reflects THz radiation so they can be easily seen at THz image. Being harmless for people and functional our device is a good solution for public safety, e. g. for airports and rapid transit systems.

Images below show performance of our system.

Concept of full-body sub-THz reflection scanner. Scanner has three identical sections, each images 0.7 m x 0.7 m field.

Terahertz homeland security and screening

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