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TeraSense has developed and patented a ground-breaking technology for making new-generation semiconductor imaging systems for Terahertz (THz) and sub-THz frequency ranges. TeraSense devices bridge the gap of 0.1 – 1.0 THz since exploiting this particular frequency band has been arousing increasingly more interest as it opens far-reaching possibilities for creating the state-of-the-art visualization solutions to meet the growing demand for sophisticated yet cost-effective instrumentation. Owing to its harmless and versatile nature, there is whole host of viable practical applications of THz imaging technology to be realized, from nondestructive industrial product quality control in manufacturing and agriculture to noninvasive medical diagnostics and security screening. The use of THz devices will undoubtedly proliferate in the nearest future as this innovative technology is imminently coming to take its due place in many areas of our lives. Read More

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World first high speed low-cost terahertz semiconductor cameras, detectors, sources and THz optics components

Terasense news

Updated manuals for terahertz imaging cameras and linear THz scanners

May, 22, 2020

TERASENSE has hit many online ratings and international reports as one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of terahertz imaging cameras, terahertz generators  and THz detectors meant for scientific and industrial use in many applications.  Being a research-focused company committed...

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Terahertz imaging system software packages are upgraded to allow transition from Pyton 2.7 to Python 3.x

May, 5, 2020

Thousands of end-users  of terahertz systems manufactured by TERASESE  are well aware of the software package set of components supplied with each terahertz imaging camera /scanner (i.e. both 2D and 1D linear cameras ).  Our Tera Viewer ® Software  (TSV) is written in PYTHON and...

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TERASENSE realeses new powerful 0.8W and 1.8W waves sources at 94GHz

April, 23, 2020

Seeking to cheer up our customers, many of whom work form homes during this pandemic outbreak, TERASENSE has just posted on YouTube a new promotional video dedicated to our powerful THz sources  that were released in April 2020.  In this...

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TERASENSE joins the fight against CoronaVirus impacts and is up in arms to support any orders for THz systems

April, 6, 2020

Dear friends and customers! We are glad to know that you and your colleagues are doing well and are fully prepared to fight the epidemiological challenges imposed by Coronavirus we all globally face nowadays!  It’s also great that even despite...

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TeraSense technology

TeraSense has developed a new leading edge technology for making innovative terahertz imaging equipment. Our intelligent and flexible technological solutions can offer a multitude of possibilities to customers from both scientific and industrial areas.