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The modern development of both methods for calculating complex components of wave optics and 3D printing technologies opens up fundamentally new possibilities for making new terahertz optical elements. TeraSense is happy to present a new type of optical component — holographic THz waveplates. These components allow creating a predefined beam profile required for a specific image plane. Holographic technology is quite simple, flexible, and cost-efficient. The use of 3D printing allows manufacturing fully customized THz optical components in a short time. Such technology opens up fundamentally new possibilities for manipulating terahertz wave beams and is an important step forward in developing terahertz optics. High resolution of 3D-printing (0.1 mm) and transparency of our polymers are ideal for printing THz optics that shape electromagnetic radiation in the THz frequency range.

TeraSense is ready to make a THz waveplate design according to the customer’s requirements.
As a result of the project, we transfer the holographic waveplate topology and deliver first prototype to the customer.

Phase waveplates for THz beam shaping

The principle is quite simple: a 3D printer prints a waveplate with variable thickness across the waveplate area. The waveplate modulates the THz source’s electromagnetic radiation phase and creates a predefined beam shape at a target plane. A typical installation using holographic optical components has two parts. First, a fixed-frequency THz source, which generates the radiation. Second, a phase hologram plate, which manipulates the beam. The phase hologram should be calculated and manufactured for the specific frequency and distance to the target plane. Such a setup is very simple and easy to align at no time.

System set-up
Experimentally measured intensity profile at the target plane

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J. Gospodaric, A. Kuzmenko, Anna Pimenov, C. Huber, D. Suess, S. Rotter, and A. Pimenov

Applied Physics Letters

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