Security applications

Security screening of letters, envelopes and small packages

We all know that homeland terror knows no bounds and is currently on the rise. What’s more, terror methods are becoming more ingenious and now include letter bombs that can injure or kill not only the recipient, but also mailroom and delivery staff. With the spread of the internet the information on how to make such chemical bombs has become easily accessible and even readily available. Detecting powder, liquids, explosives and other threats in small packages and mail is recently acquiring high importance. After discovering letters containing anthrax, such new threats as CBRE (chemical, biological and radiological elements) are perceived as real and require new and effective detection approaches to counter them.

Terahertz image of a CD in an envelope
Terahertz image of a CD in an envelope
Terahertz image of a hand-gun in a box
Terahertz image of a hand-gun in a box
Terahertz image of a knife in a book
Terahertz image of a knife in a book

Terasense offers Terahertz Imaging Scanner designed to fit the needs of industrial applications and supporting imaging at a very high speed of up to 15 m/s. It can perfectly handle security screening tasks such as checking mail packages, envelopes and small parcels for hidden objects and threats. THz images obtained in the transmission mode allow for seeing through envelopes and many types of packages, small bags, boxes, etc., and help identify potentially hazardous items inside without opening the container or disturbing its integrity.

Our THz scanner fitting most industrial conveyor systems makes mail content checking easier than ever before. Terasense technology employs Terahertz waves, which are completely harmless for people and therefore safe for operators and other staff involved in the processing/delivery cycle. If required the inspected object can be readjusted by hand, changing the field of view to obtain an optimal THz image. The technology is lightweight and portable with a small footprint that ensures problem-free deployment in small premises or constrained environments.

Samples THz images of different hidden objects

  • Terahrtz image of a knife hidden in a book

    Knife hidden
    in a book

  • Terahrtz image of a metallic stencil

    Metallic stencil over
    a 9-mm plywood

  • Terahrtz image of a hidden gun

    Gun replica hidden
    in a textile cover

  • Terahertz image of metallic, plastic and wooden rulers

    Metallic, plastic
    and wooden rulers

  • Terahertz image of a gun replica hidden in a wooden box

    Gun replica hidden
    in a wooden case

Designed for inspecting flat objects (envelopes, letters, small packages), our Terahertz imaging scanner represents a brand-new approach to mail screening in terms of safety, accessibility and detection. Terahertz imaging technology can detect and confirm not only hidden explosives, weapons and contraband items, but also some CBREs, solids, powders and liquids, even in small quantities.

Please visit our web-page terahertz imaging scanner for more detailed information. Our THz imaging scanner can help you take proper precaution to avoid or mitigate many hazards.

Demonstration of THz scanner

Demonstration of terahertz scanner

Security screening of people

Terahertz waves are completely harmless for humans and have no ionizing radiation as opposed to X-ray machines, but can easily penetrate clothes, garments and other enclosures. Such properties make THz-based people screening solutions extremely valuable for applications where human health and safety are of utmost importance.

THz image of a dummy explosive belt
Dummy explosive belt

The Terasense security body scanner operates in reflection mode and is intended for stand-off detection of weapons, including cold steel and firearms, bombs and grenades, explosive belts and various contraband items hidden under clothes.

  • ico

    Cold Steel

  • ico

    Fire Arms

  • ico

    Bombs & Hand

  • ico

    Explosive belts,
    suicide bomber

  • ico

    Contraband items,
    smuggled drugs

The Terasense body scanner system operates in reflection mode at a distance up to 3m away from the target (human body). Its effective field of view covers an area of aprx 70×70 cm on the target.

Terahertz security system set up

The Terasense body scanner has several highly important competitive advantages:

Covert and overt surveillance

Compact solution / easy deployment

Stand-off imaging

Low cost

This new Terasense product opens doors to many application areas with high throughput rates, such as:

  • Airports checkpoints
  • Train stations and subways
  • Secure areas
  • Public places
  • VIP locations
  • High-profile events
  • Customs checkpoints
  • Border-crossings
  • Industrial facility entrances

…and many other fields with high through-put rates, where life of people can be jeopardized or where there is a risk of smuggling prohibited objects. You are welcome to visit our web-page for the THz body scanner for more detailed information.

Our THz imaging systems offer a unique opportunity for an early detection of problems, which may later turn into tragedies. Better safe than sorry!

Demonstration of terahertz body scanner

Demonstration of THz food imaging

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