THz security screening of mail, envelops and small packages for hidden threats

We all know that terrorism is on the rise now and continue bringing tragedies for people and governments. Terror methods are becoming more ingenious and now include letter bombs that can injure or kill not only a recipient, but also mailroom and delivery staff.  

With a spread of internet the information on how to make a chemical bomb becomes easily accessible. Detecting powder, liquids, explosives and other threats in small packages and mail is recently acquiring high importance.  After discovering letters containing anthrax, such new threats as CBRE (chemical, biological and radiological elements) are perceived as real and require new and effective detection approaches to counter them

Our Terahertz imaging scanner that fits most of industrial conveyor systems (support imaging at a very high speed up to 15 m/s.) can render mail content checking easier than ever!. Terasense technology employs Terahertz waves which are absolutely harmless for people and are therefore safe for operators and other staff involved in processing / delivery cycle. If required the inspected object can be readjusted by-hand changing the field of view to obtain the most optimal THz image. The technology is light-weight and portable with a small footprint that ensures problem-free deployment in a small premises or constraint environment

It can perfectly handle such security screening tasks as checking mail packages, envelopes and small parcels for hidden objects and threats.  THz images obtained in transmission mode allow seeing through envelopes and many types of package, small bags, boxes etc. and help identify potentially hazardous items inside without opening container or disturbing its integrity.

Designed for inspective flat objects (envelopes, letters small packages), our Terahertz imaging scanner represents a brand new approach in mail screening in terms of safety, accessibility and detection.

Terahertz imaging technology can detect and confirm not only hidden explosives, weapons and contraband items, but also some CBREs, solids, powders, liquids, even in small quantities.

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Our THz imaging scanner can help you take proper precaution to avoid or mitigate many hazards.

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