Promo videos showing capabilities of terahertz imaging systems are available at Terasense web-site

We all know how important demonstration of capabilities is for any kind of equipment or methodology. No wonder, because seeing is believingis very true about any innovations, and Terahertz imaging technology  is no exception. This is why we encourage you to watch all our educational / promotional videos that help many customers assess feasibility with regard to their specific applications.

Our clients and web-site visitors  are welcome to check out all our demo-videos posted at YouTube channel ( all of which vividly demonstrate the capabilities of THz imaging cameras for various applications.

We chose  YouTube as the most popular and universally supported platform. At the same time we are aware that YouTube may be banned or may not be accessible worldwide and many potential customers are not able to watch our videos showing the advantages of our THz imaging systems.  This is why we uploaded  six key promo videos at our web-site.

 Now everyone can use our new link TERASENSE VIDEOS at our web-site to watch and even download our promotional videos.  This link is not linked to YouTube (which as we know is banned in certain countries  of the world), so we believe all our web-site visitors  will be able to watch and download our videos all right. For the present there are five the most popular videos as below.

TeraSense terahertz imaging camera 

Terahertz High Speed Line Scanner

Sub-Terahertz Sources For Linear Camera

Terasense Security Body Scanner

Quality Control in Food Industry

Analysis of Water Content in Diapers by TeraSense THz Imaging System

All titles of the  videos are pretty  self explanatory.  In short, all these videos   quickly show how our THz technology works, how easily our Terahertz Imaging systems can see through the matter, what elements a THz system includes, and, most importantly, which hands-on applications of this leading–edge technology are worth-while attention for investors to keep abreast with the progress.  We hope this information and these link will increase visibility of our company and our product offering.


As always, if you have any question oe even doubts, feel free to share and we will be happy to answer. After all, it is customer's demand and curiosity that whips up our evlotion.

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