Terahertz imaging scanners systems reach out to the key industrial exhibitions in the U.K.

Terahertz imaging technology developed by TERASENSE can be successfully employed in a number of suitable industrial APPLICATIONS. We continue getting  many inquiries for our THz imaging scanner with respect to non destructive inspection of  various packaged products, where human health is of utmost importance and where X-rays are not acceptable due to ionizing radiation. In particular,  applications associate with  packaged food products or other packaged commodities  remain especially popular among manufacturers. This is why it is of critical importance for TERASENSE to increase visibility of its products for industrial customers.

Serving this noble goal ALRAD Instruments Ltd., our authorized distributor in Great Britain recently participated in two major industrial events in the country: PPMA show and  PhotoneX.


PPMA show

The first was  PPMA show, which is universally recognized as the UK’s biggest exhibition of processing and packaging machinery. The show features the latest and greatest in processing and packaging machinery, robotics and industrial vision systems, as well as today's innovations and advances in materials, containers, packaging design and sustainability.


Attached you will find a few photos made at this event, where ALRAD Instruments took efforts to showcase  our high speed terahertz imaging scanner at 100 GHz designed specifically to fill the needs in non-destructive testing and quality control for various INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS.


 Terahertz imaging technology has truly untapped potential   the full spectrum of packaging and processing machinery, including solutions for food,  pharmaceuticals, household products and toiletries, certain building materials and supplies, pet care,  FMCG and a lot more..

PhotoneX 2019

This event is known as  the UK’s meeting place for the world's greatest scientific minds. It attracts researchers and engineers whether in industry or academia who come together to examine new-to-market products, research solutions, review current applications, investigate future solutions and to share knowledge.


Photonex  is much more diverse and comprehensive event as compared with PPMA. It spans quite a number of topics and fields, like biophotonics, lasers for research and advanced manufacturing, sensors, camera systems, imaging, communications and optoelectronics, plus optical components for all these sectors. We are lucky to have   ALRAD Instruments Ltd. putting out terahertz imaging technology and products in spotlight for all those great minds and bundle of ideas.


We are sure  our colleagues at ALRAD Instruments  have had a number of valuable opportunities to network, source new ideas and solutions, and meet potential new suppliers, influencers and technical experts. With everything under one roof, one can gain a huge amount of knowledge and inspiration in a single visit and we expect new sales in 2020.

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