Agricultural and food industry applications for Terasense® Terahertz imaging systems and technology are gaining momentum and weight

Over the time Terasense has been in the Terahertz imaging systems market we certainly managed to collect quite a number of specific application cases based on the inquiries and purchase orders from our clients. Non-destructive testing (NDT) & quality control seems to be the second popular application (after homeland security) for our THz imaging technology, with the former, by our observation, being aggressively hot on the heels of the latter. Of course, these advances became possible only due to the fruitful contributions by some of our Distributors, especially in Europe. ALRAD Instruments, Ltd. (U.K) and SAPEC b.v. (The Netherlands) should definitely get credit for their intensive and effective promotional efforts that were largely focused on agricultural and food industries. Both companies were quite instrumental in increasing popularity and sales of our sub-Terhaertz LINE sensor array (256 x 4 pixels) designed specifically to satisfy various OEM requirements for conveyor belt applications. Thanks to ALRAD Instruments in general, and Mr. Ian Alderton, its Technical Sales Director, in particular, our unique T-ray imaging devices made their way to their exhibition booths at some of the greatest Terahertz events in the U.K. The PPMA held in early October, no doubt, ranked very high in significance, having been hosted by the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association, U.K. The PPMA is the UK's trade association for suppliers of processing and packaging machinery to the UK market that represents over 400 member and associate companies. Two other great events are still in store for us and upcoming later this month, while each of you have our warmest invitation to attend them:

Photonex (Photonics and Imaging show) 15t -16 October, 2014 -- Stands C21 & C22

Engineering Design Show. 22 - 23 October 2014 -- Stand B60

Inspired by such surge in popularity our lab engineers are now making some tests with wheat flour (detection of foreign bodies and small extraneous objects as well as moisture in it), which appears to have high development prospects. Also promising are the tests with packaged pasta (macaroni products); and many other relatively dry food semis and finished products, as well as some others possibly with vegetable oil (though chance is slimmer here). Needless to say how welcome are all of you to attend these shows!

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