All Features Of Our Upgraded Sub-Terahertz Wave Source (new video)

IMPATT diodes (IMPact ionisation Avalanche Transit Time) are high-power Sub-THz radiation sources. They operate in 3 - 400 GHz frequency range. Their main advantages are high-power capability and compact size.

Terahertz sources, produced by TeraSense Inc., are operated typically over a narrow frequency band and their internal dimensions correlate with the operating frequency.

Terasense series of IMPATT diodes are silicon double-drift diodes with a 0.6 μm transit region, mounted on copper heat sink. The layers in double-drift diodes are: a heavily doped (P+)-region, a moderately doped p-region, a moderately doped n-region, and a havily doped (n+)-region. The (p+)- and (n+)- regions provide ohmic electrical contacts to the external circuit. The devices rely on the negative differetial resistance to generate and sustain oscillations.

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