All types of terahertz sources in the brand new promo-video from TERASENSE

A few years ago TERASENSE considerably expanded its product line of terahertz generators and now can offer THz sources for frequencies 100GHz; 140GHz; 180GHz; ~200GHz;  280GHz and ~300 GHz. Most of them are so called narrow-band wave sources, i.e. each type has its fixed frequency only, but we also have a few THz emitters with a short tunable range and limited tunability.

Besides, as our customers know  each terahertz generator  may have a few output types, in particular, a respective WR- output flange or horn antenna. To crown it all, there are a few output power options for each THz frequency product line. The deuce to pay!  All these technicalities may look a bit difficult to deduce when looking at our web-page for  terahertz wave sources, which keeps  provoking some questions  even with scholars, let alone  unsophisticated minds.

To help all our customers keep it clear and simple  we have recently released a brand new video about THz generators. This new clip is very short and gives a quick overview of all models available with all output power options and add-ons possible.

Moreover, the video provides a lot of helpful information for users, like typical size of our THz waves source including both major types or cases used etc. Such data are extremely useful for our customers who have already purchased our devices and plan to mount them in their lab conditions or industrial inline environments.

 Of course, just as in our previous promotional video about THz source we outlined the key controls available at  THz source control panel (back side).  We tried to put a special emphasis on the add-ons, e.g. external modulator / switch and various types of microwave and terahertz horn antennas available for certain models.

We've also  dedicated an ample amount of time to show the recommended  procedure for measuring output power based on our 280 GHz (40mW) wave source with respective wave-guide. We know first hand  how important that aspect is, how many customers need guidance to do it  properly and how easy it is to do it the wrong way.

  We encourage our friends and clients to spend just a couple of minutes of their time to watch our freshly made promotional video that provides a relevant and quick overview of all models available and their key specs. Many of our existing customers and web-site visitor have recently received an email campaign  with direct links to that video. One of the links above leads to our own web-page at TERASENSE web-site with many promo-videos posted there (  That resource is not linked to YouTube – just in case some customers have problems with accessing it,  but the  video is also  available on YouTube at

We are confident that many of our existing users and would-be customers will find this video and our THz sources interesting along with our add-on options and other features that help our products stand out. Of course, we expect to get  questions and we are ready to answer them in no time. Please feel free to contact us using CONTACT US form below or vie our corporate email which you will find in the video.

Have any questions? Please contact us.