Alrad Imaging exhibited Terasense THz products at Processing Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) Show, U.K.

PPMP showTerahertz (THz) imaging topic evidently 'fills the bill' nowadays!  If you feel inclined toward this technology,  you might have used this excellent chance to watch Terasense THz imaging systems  live at the biggest PPMA trade show in the United Kingdom.



We feel highly honored that ALRAD Imaging, our authorized distributor  exhibited Terasense imaging products this year at this major event in Foggy Albion. We have been cooperating with ALRAD Imaging (subdivision of ALRAD Instruments) for over a year and highly appreciate their experts contribution in exploring new applications fields for THz imaging.

The annual PPMA Show in the U.K. provides exhibitors with the best opportunity to engage face-to-face with the UK's processing and packaging industry moguls and gurus and show their innovations for potential investment.

At the same time, manufacturers and distributors of packaging & processing machinery, FMCG processing equipment, printing & labeling, industrial plant, supply chain providers, industrial robotics, industrial vision, together with ancillary & support services, trade associations and media owners serving the sector use this unique opportunity to get themselves familiar with the latest developments and innovations in the field and possibly ‘skim the cream’ of some of them.

Application-4Tera-Hs-256 [linear]

FMCG Packaging is one of the most promising fields for Terasense THz imaging technology, which can perfectly handle Non-destructive testing & quality control tasks aimed to check for availability of items inside packages; detect foreign objects or defective items inside the package. In this respect we pin very high hopes on our latest and greatest brainchild which we code-named TeraFAST-256-HS, while the full name given ‘at birth’ was High Speed Linear THz imaging System.

Our Terahertz Imaging TERA-1024(32x32) DEMO system exhibited at the shows is fully operational and ensures the same type of THz imaging as any other system (except for that it has a small 2D sensor array and is not meant for high speed conveyors unlike TeraFAST-256-HS. But it’s good for testing any substance or packing material! TERA-1024 is our best-selling THz imager that provides real-time (24 Hz) high-quality image.  

This show yielded quite a few of new clients and prospect interested in Terahertz imaging technology, both for ALRAD Imaging and TERASENSE. On top of that the show helped expose and identify new application areas for our THz imagers, which we should study and focus in the future.

PPMA 2015 - TeraSense 3PPMA 2015 - TeraSense 2PPMA 2015 - TeraSense 1

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