ARA Scientific will show THz imaging system at IRMMW-THz 2016, Denmark

IRMMW-THz-2016-Copenhagen-2Considering the nature of our Terahertz imaging products it is logical that Terasense views IRMMW-THz Exhibition as one of the most significant and relevant annual events for our company. This year IRMMW-THz 2016 conference will be held September 25-30th at BELLA CENTER, Copenhagen, Denmark.

ARA-Scientific-1We have already mentioned in our NEWS that our international sales network has been recently expanded by ARA Scientific ApS (, our highly professional partner in Denmark.  It gives us special pleasure now to announce that ARA Scientific will represent our terahertz products at this great trade-show.

We invite you to visit ARA Scientific booth #28 at the show, and - making use of this opportunity - check whether our THz imaging technology can satisfy specifically your application needs and whether your materials are transparent in THz rays!

DEMO Unite_Camera + source

We have all the confidence in our Danish partner, who will surely employ their best showmanship art to demonstrate performance and unique capabilities of our Terahertz imaging technology. They will have Tera-1024 imaging system with THz source operating ‘live’ at the event.  

We see a lot of business opportunities for our companies in Denmark and beyond, as THz imaging is gaining momentum worldwide and indisputably holds the future! I hope that your visit to IRMMW-THz 2016 show and live experience with our THz imaging systems will allow you to  ‘get your hands in this field’,  feel more conformable about terahertz; as well as will lead you closer to getting your own THz imaging camera!

We are happy to collaborate with ARA Scientific and have no doubts that they add value to our products proposition  for a number of research and industrial applications. Please do not hesitate to contact them at Lyngborghave 56,, DK-3460 Birkerød, Denmark, Tel: + 45-91625113 (Email: and they will surely be looking forward to meet you at the show!

Have any questions? Please contact us.