Black Friday offer for Terahertz camera & THz source from TERASENSE

Just like many other vendors and manufacturers, carried away by  a universal ‘sharing’ drive and enhanced with a general Thanksgiving spirit, TERASENSE has taken appropriate steps this year to prepare for ‘Back Friday’ too and is ready to surprise our customers with an extremely pleasant offer. Please take a moment to look it through as it may be worth while the effort!

We are aware of certain number of scientific/research  customers that have been cherishing the idea of purchase for years, but who could not move ahead because of budget constrains. Well, right now they are getting excellent opportunity to proceed with their procurement plans, because we would be happy to sell our 2D Tera-1024 (32x32) THz imaging camera with an unprecedentedly high discount of 20% OFF. This offer applies to only one such 2D THz camera standard model (i.e. our standard optimization with primary sensitivity peak set at 100 GHz and a number of other sensitivity maximum within our certified spectral  range 50 GHz -  700GHz).

For those customers whose applications require a THz source we would be happy to extend our offer to cover one 100 GHz (>80mW) THz generator.

Below please see the key specs for both devices:

Tera-1024  THz camera

  • Spectral Range: 40 GHz – 0.7 THz
  •  Number of pixels in array: 1024 (32 x 32)
  • Pixel Size (Pitch): 1.5 x 1.5  mm    
  • Number of Pixels: 4096 (64x64)
  • Noise Equivalent Power: 1 nW/√Hz
  • 5V USB powered

100 GHz wave source

  • Based on IMPATT technology
  • Frequency: ~ 100 GHz
  • Output power: ≥ 80 mW output rfpower
  • Output type: conical horn antenna
  • TTL Modulation (1us rise/fall time)
  • Protective isolator

Of course, such promotional teaser comes with certain conditions, as it usually happens in marketing. This offer is limited in time and expires on the 26th of December 2019, right after Christmas. So, it makes sense to hurry up to make sure you are the 'early bird’ to catch it, as the number of equipment units available under this promo offer is limited. Frankly, there is only one set we prepared, but we can probably stretch it just a little bit to lend a helping hand  to other friends in need and will look forward to your RFQs .

Please, do not forget to reference  ‘Black Friday offer' in your inquiry, if you really care for a discount.  We will look forward to hear from you.

Have any questions? Please contact us.