BR Labs has joined our terahertz imaging race as a new distributor in BRAZIL

LOGO-BRlabs-1TERASENSE as a true ‘THz-conquistador’ relentlessly continues its world-wide ‘Terahertz expansion’ and acquires more and more loyal partners and faithful alloys around the planet. We have finally reached the distant shores of South America and can now drop the anchor in a cozy ‘T-ray harbor’ in Brazil, so kindly offered by our new distributor / reseller - BR Labs, Tecnologia Óptica e Fotônica Ltda, commonly known as BR-Labs.
Flag-BRAZILFounded in 2006, BR Labs is a spin-off company from the Campinas State University (UNICAMP) and the Research Center for Optics and Photonics (CEPOF), located in the high technology area of Campinas, Brazil. Their products now have their unique conception and design, and for several of them BR Labs is the sole manufacturer in Brazil.
Needless to say that we are extremely happy to get such a mighty terahertz-related shoulder to support us in Brazil, and there are more than ample reasons to enjoy it, indeed! BR Labs has an international level team and an elaborate network of collaborators in various institutions throughout Brazil and abroad. Such solid basis makes it entirely ready to offer various terahertz imaging solutions to their customers jointly with TERASENSE..BR-Labs specializes in a great variety of products, namely solid-state lasers, semiconductor laser systems, optical frequency converters, optical components, photodetectors, piezo drivers and servo electronics, you name it! However, what is of critical impertinence for us is that terahertz technology, no doubt, lies straight in the focus of their interest.
 Since 2009 BR-Labs has received quite a few grants including the ones from FINEP to develop sources of Terahertz (THz) radiation, for applications in inspection and imaging. In 2010 another grant from FAPESP has been awarded to develop THz imaging systems. We are absolutely confident that these THz systems now reinforced with Terasense THz expertise in the matter will be shortly integrated into live applications in the growing Brazilian security market.

IPA & SPIE at Rio-2015All that allows BR Labs to join in THz race literally with no pre-work, fully up in arms and prepared to overcome new challenges set by our and their customers! We are now trying hard to consolidate our union by providing our Brazilian partner with our demonstration equipment (DEMO kit) for SPIE/IPA - South America, show to be held in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL 22-25 May, 2015! So everyone who is keen on terahertz technology and would like to test our TERA-1024(32x32) terahertz imaging camera together with a THz source (IMPATT generator) is welcome to visit BR Labs booth at this great show in Rio!

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