Catching up with reality: updated datasheet for revamped product line of terahertz emitters

Over the last few years TERASENSE has added quite a few new models of terahertz generators to its product offering. Of course, along with adding new ones in the process some of the existing fixed frequency THz wave sources were  subjected to substantial upgrade, which turned them into essentially new products, much more stable and durable. Our 100 GHz; 140 GHz and 300 GHz wave sources including all their available options of output power are among those improved / upgraded models that have received a new lease on life.

However, along with that many absolutely new models for essentially new dedicated frequencies have been added, which include but are not limited to our narrow-band wave sources for 263GHz; 580 GHz and a few new models of our 200 GHz terahertz emitters.

Of course, such considerable advances  necessitated respective updates to be incorporated in all our marketing materials, which at some point in time appeared to be legging behind a bit. It’s been a while since the previous revision of our THz wave sources datasheet was issued and therefore it has become out-of-date.  As a result, after such major ‘wappenshaw’ and spring-cleaning we had to bring into sync our  product web-pages and we've done it. Once that little mission was accomplished, we posted brief news about it a couple of weeks ago. Now, after trimming up our product web-pages, we had to pay the tribute to the datasheet that many customers request in their  initial inquiries. This is complete as well and our customer are welcome to download a brand-new, up-to-date promo-brochure listing all key terahertz sources we offer and all output power options available for each emitter model.

Moreover, we’ve learned our lessons well, and now our brochure does mention the optional add-on elements available for THz generators that can be added upon request.  In particular, there are such add-ons as various detachable  horn antennas with  Gain  20-25 dB,  which can be attached to respective WR-output flanges; or  external modulators with  base frequency: 85-100 GHz, 140 GHz that can boast a very short Switching time: <2 ns.

With that being said, it is imperative to keep in mind that Terasense keeps evolving and new models of fixed frequency THz sources may become available any time. So, if you want to skim the cream off and stay on top of our innovations don’t hesitate to contact us and our sales managers will be happy to give you the latest and greatest.

Have any questions? Please contact us.