Check out our new powerful terahertz generator 280 GHz (>40mW)

The 2019 year has just begun, but Terasense is already up in arms to present our novelties to the general public. We prepared and are impatient to share some good news about our new terahertz generator  that has just been released and is now commercially available. This time it is our 280GHz wave source with an impressive output power of > 40 mW !

280 GHz ( > 40 mW) wave source 

Based on IMPATT technology
Frequency: ~ 280 GHz
High Output power: > 40 mW output rfpower
Output: WR-3.4 flange
Built-in frequency multiplier (x2)
TTL Modulation (1us rise/fall time

High gain diagonal horn antenna (detachable) is an optional add-on element.

In the past we have successfully ‘broken-in’ a few of our 300 GHz wave sources  on many customers and they were left seemingly happy with our products, especially  the first  model of 280 GHz (>20 mW) source. Our sales /inquiry statistics invariably shows that these THz sources are becoming increasingly popular in various fields related to scientific and industrial applications. In particular, in addition to 280 GHz (>20 mW ) generator, this new mighty source with > 40 mW output power will be offered as one of illuminating options for our high imaging resolution ~ 300 GHz high speed imaging scanner system, but that is a different story...

The new source suitably complements our product line of existing terahertz sources that cover frequencies 100 GHz, 140 GHz, 180 GHz, 200 GHz, 280 GHz and 300GHz. For some of the sources we offer a few options of power output.

As always, Terasense  is determined to  keep surprising our customers with our gimmicks and novelties throughout the year, and we hope happily ever after. If you have any questions or wish to request a quote, please feel free to contact us for any additional information any time!

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