COVID terminator discovered: 95 GHz wave sources proved effective in decontaminating & sterilizing SARS-CoV-2 and Polio viruses

The whole world is still fighting and recovering from the disastrous pandemic that has been haunting the mankind since late 2019. The outbreak of the life-threatening pneumonia - later nicknamed  Coronavirus or COVID -was said to originate from Asia and quickly spread around the planet causing server pandemic. Unfortunately, the pathogenic agent was identified as fairly novel beta-coronavirus, which is why it took us  all aback, completely unprepared. SARS-CoV-2 was the name given by the bacteriologists that can be deciphered as  ‘severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2’.

Even though all possible transmission of SARS-CoV-2 may not be entirely traced, it is clear as hell that the decontamination technique (deactivation methods) may be the key to success in fighting this global disaster.  After all, along with direct contact with an infected person, an indirect contact with various  contaminated surfaces is surely one of the highways pandemic is widely using to catch on (along with exposure to respiratory droplets). Therefore closing these routes or to be more exact, cleaning them, is supposed to prevent further  person-to-person spread of the disease.

These considerations became a good inspiration to a group of scientists   representing three different faculties of  Ariel University, Israel, in particular,  Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences ; Ariel Center for Applied Cancer Research and  Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics, Faculty of Engineering. The group  lead by  Moshe Einat and Matan Oren,   with Gabi Gerlitz, Lukasz S. Kaczmarczyk, Katherine S. Marsay and a few others conducted a comprehensive study that actually proved that Millimeter waves (sub-terahertz wave range) can be effectively used  in killing both poliovirus   and coronavirus.  In particular,  the researchers discovered that subjecting the viruses to radiation at the  frequency 95 GHz reduced the titer of these viruses by over  99%. This means it  proved the ability of the waves at 95 GHz to reduce the SARS-CoV-2  titer to a range of limited infective dose, by means of piercing their virion envelopes and  thereby depleting its devastating touch. 

If you are keen on this topic, you are welcome to read the original article entitled  ‘Corona and polio viruses are sensitive to short pulses of Wband gyrotron radiation’ , which was published in  Environmental Chemistry Letters (2021) under exclusive licence to Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2021.  

Here we would like just to emphasize a few  crucial points that may possibly increase the attractiveness of the lure. First, the reason why the frequency of 95 GHz was chosen as a candidate is  because it’s considered to be good for virus inactivation due to the low penetration depth in materials. In other words these waves can  make a riddle  of ‘bad guys’ and incinerate them on various surfaces leaving no way out to escape.  Low penetration depth is believed to help prevent damaging the surrounding objects and substances and  the environment in general. Moreover, 95 GHz appeared to offer a much better  ability to focus than those offered by the microwaves.  To crown it all, in low enough power density, 95 GHz is much less dangerous for humans than other means of decontamination such as UV irradiation and ethylene oxide etc.

It is also imperative to point out that the trick in the test was in using a mighty gyrotron with ~10kW output power generating at 95GHz to irradiate poliovirus and human  coronavirus 229E. The latter is considered to be a common model for SARS-CoV-2 due to its  known propensity to cause infections of the  upper  respiratory tract and trigger pneumonia.  

Most importantly, is that an exposure  of only 2 seconds of the energy density of 100 W/cm2  generated at that frequency can sterilize the coronavirus virions up to nearly 99.9% by virtually  emasculating them.

It would be hard to list here all potential application areas of this sterilization method, but it definitely has a number of  advantages. In fact, the authors outline  them one by one. “It is much  faster and better directed to a specific surface than UV-based or conventional thermal sterilization. In principle, it is possible to illuminate a large surface and perform fast sterilization of large areas in a few seconds. It is also possible to seal the contaminated objects in a sealed container and perform sterilization in a standoff manner. In this manner, there is no direct touch or exposure of the operating persons to the pathogens. In addition to surface decontamination, this approach may be used to disinfect wastewater or other sources of microbial contaminated water.”

The results presented by the Israeli researchers, as vividly shown in the images made by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) prove that in general  95 GHz of appropriate power density  can effectively inactivate coronaviruses and polio viruses by actually disintegrating them.

Finally, the cherry on the cake is that Terasense manufactures and supplies quite a few  sub-THz wave sources (millimeter wave w-band) operating exactly at the frequency of 95GHz – 96GHz. They can be ideal candidates for virus terminating/sterilizing machines, or at least for respective  tests in the field by researcher. The output power of our 95GHz generators range from 80 mW up to 1800mW and our   product line includes a few models in between.

With that being said, the optimal frequency  for virus decontamination at the millimeter waves range is still to be determined /verified and we offer many other THz wave sources for the tests. One thing is clear: Covid and Polio must die, and we are ready and willing to make every effort to help scientists get even  and scorch them to death by supplying our 95GHz wave sources for the virus ‘massacre’.

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