Datasheet for TeraSmart series Tunable Wave sources / Synthesizers is available for downloading

Our Research and Development  spearhead of talented engineers -most of whom have PhD degree in solid state physics- is usually far ahead of marketing staff and other support teams in keeping up their incessant quest of inventions. Well, along with indisputably positive and bright aspects of our potent strive for the best future, such high pace maintained my our R&D may occasionally have its minor reverberations on the rest of the team. Therefore, when a new product is released we may not be able to offer its datasheet immediately upon release, as they usually  leg behind a bit. It happens because at the time of the breakthrough, when our engineering team announces some achievement, not all of the relevant  technical characteristics of  a device may be immediately available at hand to make a promotional brochure as appropriate. In fact situations are not uncommon when some of our THz products have been already commercially available for a few months, before  we collect all necessary information that have been verified by our scholars to put together a proper technical datasheet / brochure  of a product.

Well, the ordeal is over and we are over the hump, and it’s time now to make happy all the fans and admirers of our tunable wave sources, most of whom tend to represent various research and scientific instructions around the world. We have recently released our Datasheet for TeraSmart  series  Tunable  Wave sources (also known as  Synthesizers)  that  is available for downloading at our product web-page.

In a nutshell, these new technical miracles are based on broadband Schottky diodes in combination with multipliers  As usually, the datasheet provides a general overview of technology employed in making our new tunable terahertz sources of TeraSmart series and outlines all major feature and specs  for three different models to choose from, which cover frequency ranges 70 – 77 GHz, 140 – 155 GHz, and 280 – 310 GHz respectively. Moreover it provides a frequency-to-power charts of each model and some basic data about Line width, power stability etc However, for the really sophisticated lovers of our technology we always keep a few more relevant specs like ‘aces in the hole’ saved in store for the future and hope this will keep our client intrigues enough to contact us for more information. We also expect you to show interest in our fixed frequency wave sources and are welcome to ask any questions.

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