Dust-proof enclosure/configuration for high speed terahertz scanner systems for industrial NDT

TERASENSE has always been touting to have a pretty flexible and highly client-friendly customization policy. In addition to our standard THz imaging cameras  and  imaging systems we also make customer-oriented solutions. For instance, with regard to our broad -band THz cameras we offer customers a choice to specify the frequency  (frequency range) preferred for their imagers. 

 This time we made one step further into customization direction and can now offer a dust-proof casing for our TeraFAST high speed imaging scanner systems.

There are quite a few industrial operating environments that are dirty and dusty, which can incapacitate non-destructive detection (NDT)/ visualization process or even harm many types of sensor  equipment beyond reclaim. Moreover, speaking about terahertz imaging in particular, under certain circumstances our THz imaging  capabilities can be affected by the dust that may cover the sensor array inside the case and distort THz image. Mostly it depends on the nature and density of the dust itself, but there are hardly any kind of dust that would be useful.  We admit that up until recently we have not had  extensive experience in deploying our devices in the heavy and dusty industrial field conditions, but we are definitely making steps into that direction now.

Having examined feasibility of a number of promising industrial applications on the one hand, and being prompted by multiple inquiries and request from clients on the other one, we realized it's time to design reliable dust-protective enclosures. Such air-tight dust proofing can be configured to fit specific application requirements or be of universal type.  The main thing is that  such dust proofing is meant to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce maintenance cost, and accordingly save money.

The pictures here shows our customized dust-proof version of our TeraFAST-  high speed linear scanner system at 100 GHz, designed specifically to fill the needs in non-destructive testing and quality control for various industrial applications. In fact, TeraFAST- scanner is now our flagship product and the most enhanced THz imaging system that can support imaging speed up to 15m/sec (also scalable in size). This particular scanner with dust-proof enclosure and  impressively long sensor array 512x1 pixels was built for one of our clients representing furniture industry. However, there are many other working environments  and applications in such fields as  Automotive industry;  food production and packing, agriculture, ceramic industry, wood processing etc. where  in-line NDT process would require similar dust-protection in place. Well, Terasense is up in arms to provide it now!

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