Hitching wagon to a star – now loaded with new powerful terahertz wave sources 140GHz

Cheer up! If you’ve been longing for a powerful terahertz sources at 140 GHz, your dreams are just about to come true. We are proud to announce the release of our new wave sources at ~140 GHz with impressive output power reaching >300 mW and >600 mW

Frequency  ~140 GHz                                     

Output type: WR-6 open flange

Optional output: detachable horn antenna

TTL modulation: 1µs rise/fall time
Output power: >300 mW     ---  Or ---    >600 mW

 These new THz generators suitably complement our product line of existing 140 GHz sources with 30 mW, 90 mW, 180 mW output power. TTL modulation and other typical features are available. Just as most of the other THz sources the new devices are based on IMPATT technology, i.e. employ the negative generating frequency of IMPATT and have fixed frequency.  Perhaps, the only thing that makes these new gadgets  stand out from the rest of other terahertz generators is their output power ‘architecture’ that involves pump-up generator enhanced with power amplifiers.

Many customers, especially those that are already familiar with out THz generators may be a little surprised by seeing similar pictures for a newly THz sources that resemble some of our existing products. Please, don't judge too soon. The explanation is as natural and simple as can be. We are making efforts to introduce unification aimed to reduce the number of existing generators' external cases to only 2-3 with a universally acceptable parameters. In its turn it’s supposed to facilitate the process of integrating our devices into the existing setups / installations of our customers.  In fact, the variety of  our THz source, roughly speaking utilize only two major  types of external casings which look like these. Of course, there are some upgrades and modifications, but those are just some minor variations of the basic types

We hope this news will kindle your interest and will be looking forward to your inquiries. Needless to say that if feel  'turned on' by any other our products, viz terahertz imaging cameras, systems, detectors you are welcome to 'knock on' our door anyway: 'for everyone asking receives, and looking finds, and knocking will open'.

Have any questions? Please contact us.