LINEAR Tera-1024 camera is yielding the road to a more enhanced high speed terahertz scanner at 100GHz

When one door of opportunity closes, another opens, as the old wisdom says. The trick is stop being concentrated at the closed door and  start looking  at one that has opened  offering new opportunities.

We at Terasense are experiencing something similar now with our first linear terahertz camera -  LINEAR Tera-1024(256x4 pixels) that was released more than 5 years ago. This slow table-top scanner had four lines of broad-band pixels of standard sensitivity and could be mated with any of our terahertz generators. Once it used to be in the focus of attention and was viewed as a tremendous breakthrough for TERASENSE. However, time flies and with time the old fame fades away yielding the road to innovations.


Please be aware that our management decided to discontinue production of LINEAR Tera-1024, because of its obvious inferiority to other more enhanced linear cameras we currently manufacture, for instance  our  high speed  Linear scanner at 100 GHz . Even though LINEAR Tera-1024 used to be our only linear camera with a broad-band sensitivity, which mostly kindled the interest of researchers and scientist, over the time it has become a sort of an anchor for our progress oriented production department, which in its turn sort of held us back. Incompatibility with certain up-to-date terahertz optical elements were especially annoying, while researchers more often than not requested various challenging customizations (e.g. optimization of sensitivity at a certain preferred terahertz frequency of range etc.)  Finally, after a few years LINEAR Tera-1024(256x4) has turned in  our ‘legacy’ model. On the one hand is cumbersome to keep it in the product line, while on the other hand, it’s a pity to quit it,  because of ‘good old days’ associations.

Our product portfolio  now includes high speed linear scanner system at 100 GHz (TeraFAST-) which was designed specifically to fill the needs in non-destructive testing and quality control for various INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS. TeraFAST- is now our flagship product and the most enhanced THz imaging system that can support imaging speed up to 15m/sec (also scalable in size).  Now we recommend this model instead of obsolete LINEAR Tera-1024(256x4. We highly recommend our customer to catch on to these new opportunities.

In conclusion, it is imperative to emphasize that even though TERASENSE management moved to get rid of this  broad-band LINEAR Tera-1024 (256x4) camera model due to its imperfections and it has just been removed form our web-site, needless to say that if there some customers who have long been dreaming about this slow scanner and are ready to purchase, we will surely be able to accept that orders during the following few months. Carpe diem and hurry up.

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