New video: Terahertz imaging for mail and parcel screening

Just imagine how effective and safe it can be to check mail envelopes and parcels if you get the speed of 15 m/s, the use of absolutely harmless radiation, the compactness of the solution and all this for reasonable money.

All this is possible with our high speed scanning systems, whose operation is based on secure terahertz imaging due to the abscence of ionizing radiation and our original technology that allows to produce ultra-fast detectors in the range of 50 GHz - 0.7 THz.

This equipment is extremely easy to install and connect. For the system to work, all you need is just a standard PC with preinstalled Terasense Viewer Software ® and a conveyor with belt that is transparent in terahertz (in most cases the belt is made on Teflon made materials).

Just to compare with the most used technology for imaging, the speed of scanning systems based on the X-Ray is only 0.2 - 0.23 m/s, and you are dealing with ionizing radiation, even if the amount is reduced. Add a problem with visualization of ceramics and plastics ... and what do you get? A costly, slow, cumbersome system that is unsafe for staff and environment. Is it not time to think about a modern device?

How about 70 times faster, 3-4 times cheaper and the ability to see any hidden object including ceramics and plastics?

Of course, you might mention the lower spatial resolution and you will be right. Yes, indeed it was not the strongest side of this technology until recently. But to detect hidden objects or defects with a size of 2-3 mm, you do not need the resolution of expensive X-ray systems, do you?

Terasense, being one of the most dynamically developing companies in terahertz imaging, is always happy to please its fans with new products and upgrades. For applications requiring better resolution, we developed a scanning system with an operating frequency of 300 GHz and a pixel size of just 0.5 mm, information about which soon to be posted on the web-site.

And while we are preparing this information, we are happy to present you our new video, where we easily detect a mail bomb, sachet with powder and other objects.

Stay tuned!

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