Meet new powerful 300GHz (>100 mW) generator released by Terasense

Despite the recent Coronavirus pandemic and other ordeals and varieties of fortune Terasense continued its incessant research efforts aimed at continuous improvement. As usual, the goal is not only to upgrade the existing devices, but also to expand the whole product line. After nearly two years of struggle Terasense can proudly present its new ~300GHz wave source with a mighty output power of 100mW. At the first glance it may seem to be low to an untrained eye, but in reality, it is a mighty breakthrough that actually doubled our previous achievement of 50mW for our ~300GHz IMPATT-based generators.

As a result of introduction of this new product our existing line of 300GHz emitters grew up and now consists of four different models of with various output rf power values that include A) 290 GHz (> 10mW), B) 290 GHz  (>30 mW); C) 290GHz (>50 mW) and, finally, 290 GHz >100 mW. The rest of the outfit of this new wave source is exactly the same as other models possess and includes a WR-3.4 waveguide represented with a flange type UG-387/U (Modified); TTL Modulation, anti-reflective coating and diagonal horn antenna that is offered as an optional add-on.

However, the most important aspect of our featured attraction is yet to be mentioned here. The matter is that the new 290 GHz (>100mW)  illuminator can be used with our 300GHz high speed scanner system (TeraFAST) that up until now was offered with our top model 290 GHz (>50 mW) wave source. However, in actuality 50mW happened to be not insufficient to see through high density or thick or otherwise hard-to-penetrate materials. Hopefully this problem now will be solved which will considerably expand the list of possible applications of our 300GHz scanner system thereby enabling to expose its full potential due to its high imaging resolution capability and small pixel pitch of 0.5mm.

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