New partner in Japan representing terahertz products

TERASENSE has recently acquired a new partner in the Pacific region. We are happy to introduce  MSH Systems, Inc. that has  joined our ‘THz club’ and will represent our terahertz imaging products in the land of the rising sun.

MSH Systems, Inc. introduces and provides cutting-edge science technologies and products from Japan and overseas to customers of Japanese universities, research institutes and companies as soon as possible and contributes to the realization of a prosperous future society Science. According to MSH Systems, Inc. representatives, their  motto is to ‘act with full power to become a good partner with suppliers and customers with strong sales and service experience in the technical field, strong relationship of trust with customers and responsible execution power’. They view their ultimate  goal in keeping the ‘customers and manufacturers as well as all the people who can get involved satisfied’.

These goals perfectly resonate with our own mission to satisfy terahertz imaging needs and wants of our customers, which  we are implementing by offering our THz imaging systems made both of 2D THz imaging cameras and 1D linear cameras/ scanners, meant both for scientific/research and industrial use.  As many customers around the world know, we also offer  high speed THz scanner systems with different capabilities and imaging resolution.  Our product line includes  high speed THz imaging scanner at 100GHz and 300 GHz designed  to fill the needs in NDT for various industrial applications.

It is commonly known that people are the most valuable assets of any company.  In this respect we are proud to work with Dr. Sergey Krayushkin at MSH Systems, who many of our customers know as Dr. Kura-san and who is one of our best and most competent partners that has wealth of experience in THz imaging, which in certain areas rivals with our own.  You are welcome to contact MSH Systems  and we will be happy to support your needs.

Have any questions? Please contact us.