New service from TeraSense: lease of Terahertz imaging system

The significance of live demonstration and test can hardly be overestimated for many buyers who adhere to ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ principle in purchasing. We perfectly realize the rational of our customers in seeking testing opportunity, which is entirely justified, considering that performance of our THz imaging system may vary depending on specific target materials or particular application.

This is why Terasense has recently introduced a new service of offering our Terahertz imaging cameras to our clients on a fee paid basis. Currently we can offer for lease two DEMO kits as described below.

DEMO-Tera-1024DEMO Tera-1024 (32 x32) THz imaging camera with THz source
Number of Pixels: 1024 (32 x 32)
Pixel Size (Pitch): 1.5 x 1.5  mm2
Responsivity: 50 kV/W
Noise Equivalent Power: 1 nW/√Hz
Software:    TeraFast® Viewer (Including API in Python)

IMPATT diode (THz source)
Frequency: optimized at ~100 GHz
● Conical horn antenna (rigidly fixed)
● TTL Modulation (1us rise/fall time)
● High power (66 mW output rfpower)


DEMO-TeraFASTDEMO TeraFAST-256-HS high speed line scanner with THz source

Number of pixels (scalable*):  256 (256 x 1)
Image acquisition rate:          5000 fps (5 KHz)
Responsivity:                        8000 V/W
Pixel size (pitch):                  1.5 x 3 mm
Min detectable power/pixel:    100 nW (at 5000 fps)
Sync out:                             TTL (+5 V)
Interface:                             Mini-USB
Software:       TeraFast® Viewer  (Including API in Python)

Upgraded IMPATT diode
Frequency: optimized at ~100 GHz
● Protective isolator
● TTL Modulation (1us rise/fall time)
● High power (≥ 80 mW output rfpower)
● ENHANCED horn antenna with PTFE lens

However, there are certain peculiarities in our operating pattern, which we kindly ask our customers to take into consideration. As there may be a few clients who consider the lease of a DEMO kit at the same time, we strongly encourage you to make reservations well in advance to ensure you get the DEMO in time.

Have any questions? Please contact us.