NEW Sub-Terahertz imaging wide sensor array designed specifically to satisfy conveyor belt industrial application requirements

photo(1)Terasense stays invariably committed to its initial course of continuously improving in its product line, thereby driving progress in THz imaging industry and setting the pace for other counterparts in the field. We have just launched production of our NEW wide sensor arrays (4 x 256 pixels) for our sub-THz imaging, which are meant to satisfy specific demand in THz-imaging for conveyor belt industrial applications and will surely be an ideal solution for high-speed conveyor belts.

This latest wide sensor arrays is build on the basis of our existing TERA-1024 camera, while our derivative customer-oriented solutions appear to be capable of satisfying a number of needs in various OEM-related applications (like non destructive testing, quality control conveyor belt monitoring etc). We have extensive experience in supplying our products internationally (both directly and via distributors) to various industrial clients and are always ready for new challenges!

We encourage all our clients and distributors from all over the world to revitalize their interest to our products and solutions. We are confident in our mutually beneficial cooperation in the future that will help us all stay comfortably tuned to the latest and greatest in THz field.


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