New Terahertz Generator recently devised is nearing the advent of Terahertz era

Unique properties of Terahertz waves have been a universal buzz word for quite a long time now! Due to their special position along the electromagnetic spectrum Terahertz (also known as THz or T-rays) are capable of easily penetrating various non-conducting substances and optically opaque materials, which continues mesmerizing many scientists around the world.

In this view we take special pleasure in accentuating success recently achieved by Luz Wavelabs, Spain - our colleagues in the industry and, quite possibly, partners in the nearest future! Luz Wavelabs researches developed a model of Terahertz source (THz generator) that is able to produce T-ray signal quality 1 million times exceeding those generated by similar products available in market these days. This probably means that in terms of that parameter their THz source is absolutely unsurpassed and leaves even our IMPATT diode (THz source produced by Terasense) kind of legging behind.

We should admit that the terahertz community is now experiencing quite a high demand in powerful THz generators, which Terasense® THz sources sometimes cannot satisfy, especially if we are talking about frequency range of aprx. 220 GHz – 300 GHz. While terahertz imaging cameras & detectors produced by Terasense perfectly cover the whole spectral range between 50 GHz up to 700GHz and above, our IMPATT diodes are not that versatile and can only be used in the range of 80 – 100 GHz. We hope that terahertz generator devised by Luz Wavelabs researches will successfully fill this gap and, accordingly, respective niche in the market.

Superb signal quality of terahertz generator surely opens up multiples scientific and industrial opportunities in the coming years in such fields as homeland security (human body and other objects screening), medical diagnostics; military allocations; ultra-high speed wide band communications; quality control and non-destructive testing; and even radio astronomy allowing scientist to gather more valid and empirical data pertaining to the origin as well as functioning of the Universe!

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