New video: Terahertz Security Body Scanner 2.0

Check out the new video about our Terahertz Security Body Scanner ver. 2.0! 

The upgraded version of the system features the following innovations:

  • 10 times increased camera's sensitivity
  • Real time terahertz image processing and playback
  • Superposition of visual and terahertz images
  • Increased number of THz wave sources for better image quality

One of the key advantages of the Terasense system for security body scanning system 2.0 comparing to other known and widely used systems, that require close proximity of the target, is the remote screening at the distances up to 6 m now and longer distances in the nearest future.

Another advantage is the system's high throughput capability to detect various objects hidden behind clothes in real time mode. The body scanner could be easily installed inside hallway walls covered by visually opaque but transparent to THz waves material (PTFE).

Both of these features allows to screen people remotely without them knowing they've been checked which significantly broadens the opportunities for security screening.

For ease of integration, we supply all our systems with an original Terasense Viewer Software package and a Software Development Kit.

The system is rather compact, lightweight and does not require any additional infrastructure or a specialized technician for its installation.

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