Opton Laser International has become our new distributor in France


Opton Laser International has been founded in March 1990, in order to reply to the growth of the market and to bring a new way of distribution. The company became a leader of the market of photonics.

Our facilities are located in Orsay, in the "Optics Valley", the heart of the most important French scientific community.

Our strengths are:

  • a wide product line with innovating products
  • a kind of management allowing to anticipate a skilled development
  • a reactive organization
  • a strong scientific and technical knowledge
Opton Laser has a worldwide reputation of an exigent and very professionnal partner.

Opton Laser International has now more than 60 worldwide principals in different countries : USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, Lithuania. All these distribution agreements are the proof of the leading position of Opton Laser International in France in the areas of lasers and telecommunications.

Our engineers are graduated from the most famous French universities and engineer schools. We have the scientific and technical background that are necessary for the scientifc, industrial and telecom markets. We can act as technical consulting for sales and services.

Company profile

Opton Laser International is the specialist of lasers and optical products for the scientific, industrial and telecommunication markets. Opton Laser International completes its major offer with instrumentation products for analysis, measurement, modulation, items for detection, visualisation, optics and opto-mechanics, crystals and protective eyewears.

Leader in innovation

Opton Laser International is specialized in promoting and introducing new technologies and high tech products. The company was the first to introduce new technologies in France like:

  • ns OPO’s in 1991
  • microchip lasers, miniature lasers, which have cavities based on the technology of the semi conductor industry, in 1992
  • external cavity laser diodes, cw single frequency tunable sources, in 1993
  • ps OPG, ps visible & near IR tunable solid state lasers sources, in 1995
  • DBR diodes, single longitudinal mode with an integrated gratting in the structure of the diode, in 1996
  • blue diodes, 393-423nm, in 1999. Opton Laser offers 3 different configurations : external cavity diode, ps laser diodes, cw lasers for spectroscopy
  • compact excimer lasers in 2000
  • fiber lasers with up to 700 W output power, in 2002
  • microchip SLM blue lasers in 2003
  • high rep.rate IR OPO in 2004
  • Mid-IR laser at room temperature in 2007

Opton Laser International attends national and internationnal congress and shows.

We currently work with the research centers of CNRS, University, CEA and R&D departments of big companies like Thales, EADS , Alcatel, SAGEM, Dassault, Astrium, and with partners like Thales Lasers, CILAS, Quantel, SODERN, Lord Ingéniérie, SESO and many other French companies.

Moreover, among our customers we work with companies and research center in Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Canada.

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