Power does matter in terahertz industry: new promo-video emphasizes advantages of high power THz sources

Despite the second wave of pandemic and another – who-counts-what - lockdown round all over the world we keep cheering up our partners and customers by dispensing our assurances that we remain fully operable and are ready to support any order. This is true.  Moreover, TERASENSE takes steps  to make the most out of this universal slack in business activities in order to advance our technology and improve our products. We treat it as a sort of  ‘calm before the storm’ in terms of the upcoming increasingly growing interest in terahertz technology  and its numerous applications.

We know full well that the output power of THz sources matter much in terahertz industry, especially in applications associated with  non-destructive testing and quality control of various materials. In particular, outfitting our high speed industrial THz imaging scanner with more powerful THz sources enables it to considerably increase penetration depth inside high density, or thick or otherwise hard-to-see-though materials and ensure contrast in THz image.

 Inspired by multiple tests conducted in its research & development labs  TERASENSE is about to release one more promotional video, which will proudly present our new family of terahertz generators  with an extremely high  output power. This new series in fact continues the ‘mighty’ trend we launched  more than a year ago with the release of our first high power  96 GHz  IMPATT-based generator  with its output power reaching 1W.  This video shows  two new models of our terahertz wave source at frequency  ~ 100GHz  (95 GHz ) and output >0.8W and >1.8W respectively. Such huge output power is  primarily achieved due an innovative design of enhanced power amplification circuit.   

Taking into account such gigantic might we emphasize that it makes sense to outfit each source with an attenuators which is offered as an  optional add-on option.  Anti-reflection cover is another thrown in innovation that will most probably be included into standard supply package.  Needless to say that just as other our ~ 100GHz wave sources,  both new models have linewidth of about 1 MHz, have built-in TTL modulation, but tend to be just a little bigger in size.

Of course, just as before this promo video will serve certain educational functions for our customers, not all of who may have PhD degrees in physics. Therefore our clip will  show  the whole equipment layout necessary for a proper power measuring: including our featured product THz source, Attenuator, power meter and the actual output power gained. It may also help provide a documentary evidence and irresistible proof of this gigantic power achieved to certain naysayers that need it.

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