Refreshed line of IMPATT-based fixed frequency 140GHz wave sources

There is no ‘quiescent state’ or dominant equilibrium in solid state physics, and our terahertz products are no exception. All our products ‘breathe and live’, but terahertz generators seem to be subjected to evolution more than terahertz imaging cameras and other equipment. As you may remember, previously we used to report about changes that occurred to our 300GHz, 100GHz and 140GHz lines of source.

After a little while it’s time to introduce another  update with regard to our product line of fixed frequency terahertz wave source, and again this time it impacts our 140GHz line of THz emitters. Please be aware of it: what used to be our 140GHz (90mW) THz generators from now on will be marketed as 140GHz (≥80mW) terahertz wave source. The matter is that the production process of our IMPATT diodes is characterized with some peculiarities. One of them is that until the crystal inside IMPATT diodes is entirely generated we cannot clearly identify its resultant output power. In the past we applied certain culling ratio as a result of which we used to discard all emitters with the resultant output power lower that 90mW.  Due to tough “retrenchment measures’ introduced with a purpose to counter adverse effects of Covid and post-Covid era, our production department experts will now keep all the 140GHz IMPATT diodes with output power 80mW or higher.

In its turn it necessitated certain amendments or ‘refreshment’ in our marketing approach and as a result this model is now marketed as 140GHz (≥80mW). We know that some people may be inclined to call it a ‘downgrade’, but I am sure everyone understands that at the end of the day such refreshment is only production optimization step aimed to cut our daily fabrication expenses. After all, in light of the recent events in the world, many manufacturers use every opportunity to save resources and funds and buckle-up to keep afloat.

At the same time, making use of the opportunity, we can assure all our customers that no other aspects of our devices are impacted and our products are still just as reliable as can be based on the up-to-date standards of terahertz industry.

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