Teasense revamped its web-page to show expanded & upgraded product line of all fixed-frequency terahertz wave sources

Many of our sophisticated  customers complain  that our product offering communicated via our sales managers is often revealed to be much wider more proliferous  and abundant than the information posted at our official web-site. Well, we have to admit that at times it is true, indeed, and we have to ‘blame’ the  extremely high productive creativity of our engineers and researchers for that.

Sometimes, our small marketing team simply cannot keep up with the pace our research & development colleagues set to the whole company.  As a result, our sales and marketing staff are virtually forced to resort to commonplace  and trite expressions like “Terasense reserves the right to modify the outward appearance and overall dimensions or upgrade configuration as necessary to ensure optimal performance of the device/system.”

However, we have finally managed to restore the balance between the commercially available models of  terahertz sources and those that are posted at our product web page. Check out the revamped Teasense web-page that  shows our expanded & upgraded product line of all fixed frequency terahertz wave sources 

Our product line of fixed frequency THz wave sources looks pretty impressive now and   includes  quite a few  THz  source models  that cover such base frequencies  as 100 GHz ; 140 GHz ; 200GHz; 263GHz;  300 GHz 600 GHz. This time we made sure our web-page does show all of them, up to a tee. As you can see there are six columns each repressing its dedicated ‘base’ frequency, while the available output power options for different generators models is listed below, with the highest output power rating  balded.

 Nevertheless, we highly recommend checking the  availability  and specifications of THz emitters   (which tend to change over time) with our sale managers, just to stay on the safe side and avoid misunderstanding. Besides, we have some customization capability and can offer a few more custom models at higher frequencies, not to mention  a few extremely valuable add-on options for each THz emitter.

All our fixed frequency generators described at this product web-page are sort of narrow-band type emitters, i.e. each type is meant for its dedicated frequency only. Along with that we can offer a few tunable THz sources, but that is an entirely different story.

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