Terahertz imaging cameras software is now supplied on stylish flash drives

111-Falsh Drive Software is an inalienable part of nearly every modern piece of equipment and Terasense imaging cameras are no exception, of course.  Software ensures that camera operates as indented, being sort of brains that control all major functions of our THz imagers, digests the data received and translates them into perceivable readout at the PC monitor. This is why it is important to take good care of our ‘hardware brains’.

As hundreds of our clients all over the worlds know, all our standard matrix and linear cameras (like Tera-256 (16x16); Tera-1024 (32x32); Tera-1024 (256x4); Tera-4096 (64x64) are supplied with Terasense Viewer ® Software.  Our latest and most enhanced product TeraFAST-256-HS High speed line scanner is also supplied with its specific soft TeraFast® Viewer (written in Python together with Python API.)


TeraFAST-256-HS system has always been viewed as a part of a larger OEM related solution. This is why in addition to our software we offer Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) that essentially expands the capabilities of our system for specific applications and facilitate integration of our products into industrial systems. From now on we are offering SDK that will support C++; Visual Studio and LabVIEW interface that can be purchased additionally. A. Up until now our customers had to download our software form the links we furnished to them upon delivery of the products. We are happy to assure you that it is the past, because our neat and handy 8 Gb flash drive will be enough to house all types of software, manuals, API etc. Moreover, the utility of our memory stick is much wider, as the module is not locked and our customer are welcome to use as an additional storage stance for any purpose whatsoever. . We hope it will serve as an additional little but pleasant attraction for our products!

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