Terasense offers new type of fast Terahertz detector with responsivity 10 V/W

12-Ultrafst vs FAstAll our customers are already familiar with our Ultrafast Terahertz detectors with record breaking response time of 150 ps. As opposed to the Ultrafast model, our Fast detector has a bit more moderate response time of 1 μs. At the same time, it can boast a very high sensitivity level of 10 V/W!
Our customers now has a wider choice of THz detectors to suit their varying wants and needs in various applications across industries and scientific fields of research.
The spectral range where both types of our single terahertz detectors are effective remains  the same, covering the frequency span from 50 GHz to 700 GHz.... frequency responce
The responsivity pattern of our Fast detectors does not represent a continuous curve and has multiple peaks, similar to our ultrafast THz detector. Due to radiation interference within the bulk of detector’s crystal, its responsivity consists of multiple bands structures (see our sample Responsivity-to-Frequency curve diagram in Figure). Our specialists can tune positions of the peaks in responsivity curve at manufacturing stage to match with frequencies preferred by our Client.
Below are the key performance characteristics of our Fast THz detector.


Response time:...1 μs...11-Ultrafst vs FAst
Spectral Range: 50 Ghz – 0.7 THz
Responsivity (typical): 10 V/W
Noise Equivalent Power:1nW/√hz
Dimensions: 23 x 29 x 6.5mm
Impedance: 10 kΩ
Output connector: SMA
Warranty period:1.5 years
As you can see, our Fast detector is not as fast as its Ultrafast counterpart, but it is much more sensitive! Such Fast Thz detectors are used for making our conventional TERA-series cameras, where power-amplification circuitry helps achieve responsivity of 50 kV/W (with NEP: 1µW/√Hz).
We are now in the process of updating our promo-brochure for this type of detector. However, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them right away. Please forward all your inquiries and RFQs to info@terasense.com or  use our CONTACT US on-line form and our specialists will get back with you within 24 hours.

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