Terasense releases a new 5-minute educational video about Terahertz camera and THz generator

This 5-minute educational video will briefly introduce our products, their unique capabilities and will give you some practical guidelines on how to use them.

Our Products can be used in a number of applications in science and industry and will surely be a highly valuable investment for you! You can easily detect hidden objects for various purposes, like Non-destructive testing in industrial applications. The same capability can be used for Homeland security, people screening and similar purposes.

T-ray technology is becoming increasingly popular for Quality control including conveyor belt lines. Using the unique properties of the Terahertz wave, we can identify impurities and contaminants in various liquids, and differentiate between them. Finally, one more important application: beam intensity profile measurement, and optical scheme alignment.

We are proud of our products and we will take every effort to make your Terahertz dreams come true! We hope you have questions, and encourage you to ask them right away. Our sales team will quickly handle them all in no time. Feel free to contact us.

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