Terasense steadily increases the number of authorized distributors in Europe and Asia successfully reselling our innovative terahertz imaging systems

While working hard on keeping our innovations at the forefront of terahertz technology, Terasense makes every effort to secure support of competent resellers with wealth of technical and commercial expertise around the world. Our Sales & Marketing department should get credit for nearly doubling the number of resellers in Asia and considerably expanding our distribution network in Europe.

Among the most prominent and eye-catching deals are our international distribution agreements signed with ALRAD Imaging (headquartered in the United Kingdom and sales network in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland); Wise-Tech Ltd. (Israel); Joo Won Industrial Co., Ltd (South Korea); and HK Mercury Router Info Tech Ltd (covers Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Great China). These high professionals have now become our reliable sources of accelerating innovations thereby helping them reach industrial and scientific end-users of T-rays.

Moreover, we are now negotiating with SAPEC BV (the Netherlands), Laser 2000 SAS (France) and IMC., Ltd. (Japan) that indisputably thrive on high expectations and great challenges set by increasingly expanding microwave- and terahertz world community.

For some of these companies Terahertz (THz) technology may represent relatively new domain, yet they fearlessly and confidently set foot into this promising area, perfectly understanding ‘radiant’ prospects of long-term cooperation with Terasense. It is gratifying indeed to see that slowly but surely this T-rays based (Terahertz) technology is cutting its ways through in various applications in heavy engineering and light industry, as well as in agriculture, food industry, polymers, semiconductor, medicine, you name it.

In view of the new opportunities offered by globalization, it’s needless to say, how high our hopes that we pin on our long-term and time-proven partners like Tokio Instruments, Inc. (Japan); Scientific Instruments GmbH (Germany, Switzerland, Austria); iNexus, Inc. (South Korea); Titan Electro-Optics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan, China) and, of course, SPARK Electro-Optics Co.,Ltd. (China).

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