THz-based solution for density measurement and moisture control of materials in industrial process offered by iLD Srl, Italy.

TERASENSE has many partners around the world, which includes our authorized resellers, distributors, as well as so called system integrators. The latter category is especially interesting, even though it is represented by only a few companies. They usually use our terahertz technology and THz imaging scanner systems, but  offer it under their own brand names, i.e. operate based on the so-called ‘black label’ collaboration pattern, which is totally fine with Terasense. What is remarkable is that our system integrators usually try to introduce some added value into our products, quite often in the form of the upgraded software with enhanced functions or advance characteristics of devices, which can potentially make our high speed THz imaging scanners more user friendly or more versatile by offering  a more comprehensive or a packaged solution or similar approaches.

In this short article we would like to put into spotlight what is touted as one of such comprehensive solutions for density measurement offered by iLD INLINE DEVICES SRL, one of good partners and system integrators in Italy. Dr. Luca Mucchi, the owner and director, described it as their ‘innovative solution for density measurement and control in real-time’ that was developed by his Italian company iLD in conjunction the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). In all fairness it is imperative to mention here that both companies have purchased our 100GHz high speed THz scanner systems with quite powerful 100GHz THz wave sources with a bit different configurations a couple of years ago.


The experts at iLD represent their solution as ‘a technological innovation that is so useful and yet so simple’.
Of course, we are also  pleased to post some information  here about THz scanning solution developed by our partner, which they identify as ‘a series of density meters called ATSLab.’ These sensors are able to measure the density of wood, paper, ceramic, plastic, elastic (e.g. rubbers), and other dielectric materials with low-medium dielectric losses’. In fact, the list of materials can be much longer and may include, but not limited to samples of  fibreboard, gypsum board, MDF board, OSB board, particle board, wood cement, wet fibreboard, mineral fibre,  poplar insulating board, ceramic tiles etc., you name it.

We’d like to emphasize that the ATSLab solution developed by iLD is a preliminary concept based on the existing Terasense THz systems and  technology. It is critical to keep this in mind.

Accoring to Dr. Luca Mucchi , the ATSLab -X sensors will also be equipped with a desktop application for a human-machine interface to support the user. It's provided internet support (using the AnyDesk tool) and online training when necessary.  The ATSLab -X solutions will be sold directly by the Italian company iLD, including calibrations modeled for the materials of interest. A specific feasibility study will define the measurement accuracy and repeatability.

With that being said, our partners assure that the results of the iLD Lab tests will be shared with the utmost transparency to guarantee the expected performances before any financial commitment.

That sounds like a good plat to start with and a promise of free test for anyone interested in checking the feasibility of this solution.

The only thing that we’d like to add here is the iLD INLINE DEVICES SRL contact information, which may help  those inquisitive prospects and web-site visitors who would like to inquire for further information  to get in touch with the inventors. You are welcome to reach  iLD  at  (email:  and address all you questions there.

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