Features of the Terahertz technology in security applications

Statistics of inquiries in 2015/2016 confirms a dramatically increasing demand for security application of terahertz technology like full or partial body scanner and security screening because the technology is capable to resolve the tasks unobtainable for other technologies due to the specific properties of the terahertz waves.

Currently used security screening systems like X-ray machines, metal detectors or millimeter-wave scanners have certain limitations and thus can not be used as a versatile solution for detection of concealed weapons and hidden explosives.Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.49.52 PM

Metal detectors can only detect metallic objects. They identify all the metal objects without differentiation. Ceramics, plastics, polymers are not visible for the X-rays.

Screening object must be in the immediate vicinity of the detector, which relates to all of these 3 technologies.  

Although, the Backscatter X-ray machines are considered to use 'soft' X-rays, you are still dealing with ionizing type of radiation.

And while the X-ray systems are just very expensive, the millimeter-wave scanner will cost you a fortune. 

So what are the advantages of the terahertz technology comparing to the currently used ones?100

  • No ionizing radiation:

    - Absolutely harmless to people, thus can be used in all public places

    - No special usage permits needed

  • Detection distance up to 10 (in perspective up to 25-30 m).

    ceramic_tilesOne of the main advantages of the terahertz system is the possibility of distant detection of hidden objects.

  • Ceramics, plastics and polymers are transparent in terahertz waves, therefore can be easily detected.
  • Devices are compact and can be easily integrated into any other systems used by customer.

    puzzle- Compact size, own software with “open code” and SDK (Software Development Kit) makes it possible to integrate our devices in any system already used by customer. Therefore, Terasense devices may be used either as an independent system, or a complementary solution, upgrading the customer’s system to a higher level.


  • Unprecedented scanning speed.speed

    Image acquisition rate is up to 5000 frames per second, which gives an opportunity to use the scanner at conveyor lines with belt running speed up to 15 m/s. This figure is of interest to airports, international courier companies and customs terminals.

    Scanning speed of the world leading X-ray system is 0,2 - 0,23 м/s. We offer the 75 times higher scanning speed.

  • Unbeatable price.

    low pricePrice of our basic imaging system (sub-THz imaging camera, generator and optics) is around USD 25.000.

    Price of a basic imaging system of a world leading X-ray manufacturer starts at USD 70.000.

  • Flexibility with customizations. 

    Terasense technology allows us to tune up the frequencies during production and manufacture cameras with any size and shape of the sensor array.


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