Tunable 140-155GHz Wave Source is released from the pipeline

Just like many other high-tech, innovative and research-oriented companies TERASENSE has its product line of  products, which never stops evolving. Some of our terahertz imaging systems have been in the market practically unchanged for years (with possibly just a slight face lifting), while other products have just popped up, freshly from the pipe line. We have to admit that in many cases it was our customers requests and inquiries that helped us seek new opportunities and steer our development efforts into the right direction, rather than the imagination of our researchers and engineers. We know that all it takes is to keenly monitor the  wants and expectations of our checkered and multinational  customers. Therefore we place a special emphasis on market reconnaissance activity, trying to leave no stone unturned, and none of the needs unmet, hoping for the rewarding clients eventually. In its turn, it keeps our small sales and marketing department team  constantly on alert, trimming the sails to the wind all the time.  Well, as people say, there never was a five pound note, but there was a ten pound road for it.

We've done a pretty good job over the last 5-6 months and now can proudly introduce our new source 140-155 GHz (100mW). Unlike our predominantly fixed frequency sources, this newborn baby from the very beginning was meant as a generator with a tunable frequency and with a pretty impressive tunable range of 15 GHz. Just like most of other our THz sources it is based on IMPATT technology and has open flange type, with case and current source. However, what makes it stand our from the rest is its synthesizer that actually ensures the tuning capability with min. frequency step 100Hz.  The rest of its characteristics are pretty standard:  output type   WR-6  flange  (UG-387/U-M) and, of course, our traditional TTL Modulation (1us rise/fall time). It's classics.

We can hardly say that the birth of a new ‘child’ in the family of our terahertz wave sources went smooth and easy.  It happened so that eventually  one of the key parameters, in particular, its output power, revealed to be different from the value we previously counted upon. The updated output power is approximately 100mW (instead of 150mW planned initially). The good news is that our engineers have just completed all development efforts, functional tests etc associated with this 140-155 GHz tunable source and have finalized the output parameters for this product, so we expect no more ‘revelations’ and are ready to sell it. The outward appearance is also important and our engineers are putting finishing touches to its metal case, so most likely the device will look pretty customary. No matter what, it will surely have some new controls, as the frequency tuning will be carried out by means of special software. With that being said, as any other manufacture we reserve the right to modify it to our liking, if/when necessary.

As many other businesses we feel pandemic impacts and are trying to keep afloat to meet our obligations. Some of our engineers were instructed to work from  home for some time to stay safe, as elsewhere. However, that should not keep you form asking your technical and commercial questions  and our team will try to expedite providing responses.

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