Ultrafast sub-THz detectors are now available

It is pleasure for us to introduce our new product - ultrafast high-sensitive sub-THz detectors (with multi-band sensitivity in the range 50 GHz - 1 THz). These detectors aimed at exploring of fast-changing and transient sub-THz signals and single sub-THz impulses. With the Terasense ultrafast detectors the construction of ultra-high-speed wireless telecommunication networks is about to happen in the near future. Terasense ultrafast detectors are also an ultimate tool for characterization, calibration and tuning of impulse sub-THz sources. The sensitivity of the detector is approximately 1 V/W (should be calibrated for each detector individually). Output ("video") signal bandwidth is not less than 2 GHz, which is equivalent to response time of 500 ps. The device is compact and provided with standard SMA(F) connector. Terasense team works now on detailed characterization and improvement of our ultrafast detectors to make them even faster. Stay tuned.

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