Upgrade of Tunable 280-310GHz wave source and its manual

Our Tunable 280 - 310 GHz (30 mW) wave source (also called synthesizer) was released more than one year ago and has already survived a few upgrades since that time. The manual for this Tunable wave source was also recently updated and can be provided upon request. Of course, an update of the manual almost always implies some upgrade of the device itself and this case was no exception. This tunable electromagnetic radiation generator was also subjected to a pretty substantial upgrade.

First of all, we changed the supplier of the built-in frequency multipliers to ACST brand, which according to our experts is more reliable and durable. The latter property is highly important in a daily routine and may help cover for the end-user and protect from certain accidental or typical mistakes (like reflecting more than 10% of the output power that can damage the device etc).

 So, now this amplifier (multiplier) incorporates an ACST x2 frequency multiplier. It is based on high power GaAs Schottky varactor-diodes technology and provides an efficient ability to increase the frequency of a source to the final frequency range of 280 - 310 GHz while maintaining the power level required for a wide range of applications.

Second, the latest edition of the Tunable 280-310GHz synthesizer does not require any software for operation, while initially when the product was released it was supposed to have a software, just like our THz imaging cameras (sensor arrays).  This latest modification is believed to make the interface more intuitive, conventional and possibly, user-friendly.

     In the conclusion it is worthwhile to point out  this tunable   wave source consists of two independent modules, (A) Terasense Oscillator and (B) Terasense Amplifier/Multiplier x24, which provides x24 frequency multiplication of 11:6 - 13:0 GHz frequency range. The devices may be used in combination, as one complete system or separately. What is remarkable that the same Oscillator fits all other models of Terasense Tunable synthesizers, in particular 70 -77 GHz(300mW) and   140-155GHz (100mW).

If you feel interested, you are welcome to request the latest electronic edition (PDF) of the manual for Tunable 280-310GHz wave source, which spells it out.

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