Watch New Promo video about Tunable wave sources 70–77GHz, 140–155GHz, 280-310GHz

We know  that there are hundreds of customers all over the world involved in research efforts in various  solid state physics fields  who are in need of tunable CW wave sources for their experiments with millimeter, sub-terahertz and terahertz ranges. Seeking to meet the needs of these highly sophisticate clients TERASENSE developed and released a series of three  terahertz generator models covering frequency ranges of 70 – 77 GHz, 140 – 155 GHz, and 280 – 310 GHz respectively. Those web-site visitors who keenly monitor our development may know that we have already posted a couple of news dedicated to this significant breakthrough in our history.

However, in order to ‘consolidate the gains’ TERASNSE has just released a new promotional  video dedicated to this series of tunable wave sources  code named  TeraSmart.  In the articles posted previously we have already outlined the key features and internal architecture of these tunable miracles, viz., the  basis in the form of broadband Schottky diodes with multipliers chains and amplifiers; interlinked modules of synthesizer and transmitter etc and even provided their frequency-to-power curves.  Well, as people say, a picture is worth a thousand words, let alone our video that  vividly shows  the entire setup including Amplifier/Multiplier module of TeraSmart source, as well as connected oscillator and the actual readings on their displays.  

The good thing is that the whole video lasts only just a little over one minute, yet we found the time to place a very self-explanatory table with key specifications of each model, in particular center frequency and respective tunable range, applicable max power, line width, modulation frequency and even frequency switching time.

There is no doubt the video can serve as an excellent guide proving that TeraSmart series wave sources are  fully integrated, plug-and-play systems indeed that can be remotely controlled via a user-friendly software interface.  In general we  tried to emphasize in this short  clip all major advantages of our tunable TeraSmart CW generators, which according to our experts  ‘represent the best compromise between tunability and output power in the modern market of multiplier-based generators’.  You are welcome to watch that video using this link on YouTube  or by clicking on any picture in this article.

We really hope this video will turn you on and we will try to develop those sparks of interest further if you send  your inquiries.

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