Tunable Plasmonic Crystals for Edge Magnetoplasmons of a Two-Dimensional Electron System

V. M. Muravev, A. A. Fortunatov, I. V. Kukushkin, J. Smet, W. Dietsche, and K. von Klitzing. Phys. Rev. Letters, 101, 216801 (2008).

011-publication_ Phys. Rev. Letters, 101

Plasmonic crystal effects analogous to photonic crystal phenomena such as zone folding and gap opening were observed for edge magnetoplasmons in a two-dimensional electron system with a periodically corrugated boundary at microwave frequencies. Magnetic field dependent photovoltage data provide unequivocal evidence for Bragg reflection. Band gaps up to fifth order were observed. These gaps were investigated as a function of the electron density, the magnetic field, and the periodicity to demonstrate the tunability of the dispersive properties of these plasmonic crystals.

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