Experimental investigation of plasma excitations in asymmetric stripes of two-dimensional electrons

V. M. Muravev, A. A. Fortunatov, A. A. Dremin, and I. V. Kukushkin

009-JETP Letters

The plasmon microwave response of symmetric and asymmetric stripes of two-dimensional electrons with different boundary conditions has been studied. The symmetric case corresponds to stripes either without ohmic contacts or with ohmic contacts on both sides, while the contact in asymmetric stripes is present only on one side. It has been shown that there is a frequency shift of the observed plasma modes in asymmetric stripes. The lowest-frequency mode becomes a previously unobserved mode for which the quarter wavelength of the plasmon coincides with the length of the stripe. The behavior of the lowest mode and its multiple frequencies in asymmetric stripes has been studied under variation of the magnetic field, electron density, and temperature and size of the stripes. The results indicate that all plasma modes in symmetric and asymmetric stripes have the same physical nature.

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