Spectroscopy of terahertz radiation using high-Q photonic crystal microcavities

V. M. Muravev, P. A. Gusikhin, G. E. Tsydynzhapov, A. A. Fortunatov, I. V. Kukushkin. Phys. Rev. B 86, 235144 (2012).

005-publication-Phys. Rev. B 86

We report observation of high-Q resonance in the photoresponse of a detector embedded in the 2D photonic crystal slab (PCS) microcavity illuminated by terahertz radiation. The detector and PCS are fabricated from a single GaAs wafer in a unified process. The influence of the period of PCS lattice, microcavity geometry, and detector location on the resonant photoresponse is studied. The resonance is found to originate from coupling of the fundamental PCS microcavity photon mode to the detector. The phenomenon can be exploited to devise a spectrometer-on-a-chip for terahertz range.

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