Millimeter/Submillimeter Mixing Based on the Nonlinear Plasmon Response of Two-Dimensional Electron Systems

V. M. Muravev, I. V. Kukushkin, J. H. Smet, and K. von Klitzing. JETP Letters, 90, 197 (2009).

011-publication_ JETP Letters, 90, 197

The nonlinear plasmon response of a two-dimensional electron system with an incorporated defect to monochromatic and bichromatic microwave radiation has been investigated. The operation of an electronic device (mixer) based on the plasmon response with a record operational speed has been demonstrated and analyzed. It has been found that the system response time is no more than τ = 25 ps. It has been shown that the nonlinear response of the system is caused by a new physical mechanism of nonlinearity induced by the presence of an inhomogeneity in the electron system.

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