TeraHertz to Hertz conversion

Terahertz (THz) frequency range (0.1 THz — 3 THz) is the last span within the whole electromagnetic wave spectrum, which has not been technologically and commercially developed. Because of that terahertz frequency range is often referred to in the world’s scientific literature as the «terahertz gap». At the same time it is well known that this frequency range has incredibly fascinating prospects for many applications. THz radiation possesses three unique properties, which stimulate development of the whole terahertz industry. The major advantage of terahertz waves (of sub-terahertz frequency range 0.1 THz — 0.3 THz) is that many materials which block visible and IR spectra, reveal to be transparent in terahertz.

How to convert TeraHertz to Hertz

1THz = 1012Hz
1Hz = 10-12THz

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