Terahertz imaging technology to be demonstrated at ARAB Lab-2017

ARABLAB exhibition in United Arab Emirates - where ‘the world of science comes to life' - is definitely the largest trade show for the analytical industry that reaches out to buyers from the growth markets such as the Middle East & Africa and Asia. Considering that scientific institutions and research  organizations still remain to be  our main market segment we simply could not afford missing this  excellent opportunity to show our THz systems.

This time ARA General Trading L.L.C., U.A.E.  jointly with its partner ARA Scientific ApS its sister company from Denmark will represent us at ARAB lab. They will jointly showcase our terahertz imaging technology at booth # 456 at the Dubai International Exhibition Center 20-23 March.

ARA General Trading L.L.C. is a full line Distributor of Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Instruments and Modular Spectroscopy System based on Miniature Spectrometer and Opto- Mechanics -Opto - Electronic Components, as well as process Analyzers. Now, we hope their product portfolio will be expanded to encompass our Terahertz imaging systems and THz generators too.

ARA General Trading L.L.C is providing integrity solutions to different fields including R&D Sector, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical, power Generation, Food & Beverage and Environment Industries in the Middle East. Project Consulting and contacting in the fields of Environment, Education and Industry; Research and Manufacturing of Special Technologies are also in the focus of attention.

We have all the confidence in both ARA General Trading L.L.C  and ARA Scientific ApS  , who will surely employ their best showmanship art to demonstrate performance and unique capabilities of our Terahertz imaging technology. They will have Tera-1024 imaging system with THz source operating ‘live’ at the event.

 We invite all of our customers –especially researchers and scientists – to stop by  at their booth # 456 There is not doubt that their professionalism of our partners will  add value to our product proposition  for a number of research and industrial clients alike seeking the way to employ great potential of THz imaging.

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