Brace yourself for new terahertz sources Terasense is developing

Thousands of our happy customers are well aware of our existing product line of terahertz generators that  presently cover  frequencies 100 GHz; 140 GHz; 180 GHz; 280 GHz and 300 GHz and for some of them we offer a few options of output power.  Taking full advantage of its almost entire vertical integration Terasense   continuously evolves,  develops  new products and  makes tireless efforts to improve existing products to better satisfy our customer needs. In doing so we seek innovative ways for reconnaissance  and whenever possible try to stake on a customer-inclusive approach to make sure we develop products that our customers really want.

There are quite a few THz sources that are in the pipeline now, as listed below

96 GHz  (fixed frequency); Output power 1 W

- 192 GHz (fixed frequency); Output power 250 mW

- 142-154 GHz (tunable frequency); Output power 100 mW

-  284-308 GHz (tunable frequency) GHz - 25 mW

-  263 GHz +- 4 GHz (tunable frequency); Output power: 300 mW


You may rest assured that sooner or later we will develop and release all of them, but we needed to know which ones take precedence now. Therefore a few weeks ago we sent out a short e-mail campaign, encouraging  all our clients in our database to take part in a very quick survey  to help us understand their future expectations / preferences as for terahertz generators.

We simply ask people  to share their opinion and indicate those future T-ray emitters that they think they needed most for their applications and  would like to get as soon as possible. Alternatively,  respondents could   assign priority  from 1 to 5 to  the models (features) of the  future  THz sources in the highest demand.

We received a lot of  responses and we'd like to thank all our customers for their time and efforts. The results we obtained vividly show that we were expected to put an emphasis on  fixed frequency  96 GHz  (1W) emitter,  as well as tunable frequency sources  263 GHz (300 mW)  and   284-308 GHz ( 25 mW).

Well, walking the talk, Terasense has already announced the release of the  first long-awaited THz generator at 96 GHz  with a gigantic output power of 1W.  We are proud that your actual responses help us shape our future products! If you missed the chance to respond to our questionnaire and want to share your thoughts, please don't hesitate, because the information you have  may help us focus on the most important features specifically for you.   We highly appreciate your insights and will try to follow your expectations in the future.

Let's join efforts to help you get the product of your dream!

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