Datasheet for 300 GHz wave source is available for download

Our web-site visitors and customers know well that up until recently Terasense used to offer one common datasheet/ promotional brochure for all terahertz generators we offer, namely 100GHz,  140GHz, 180 GHz and 300 GHz. However, considering that our recently release 300 GHz wave source is increasingly gaining popularity we recently decided to issue a separate datasheet dedicated solely to 300 GHz generator.

It stands to reason to stake on higher frequency as it expands and enhances the capabilities of THz imaging and allows to detect / visualize what used to be beyond the reach before. In  Terahertz industry  there is one sustainable trend  observed throughout its  relatively short history:  build systems operating at the highest possible frequency. As our followers know TeraSense started with native 100 GHz and 140 GHz THz generators (IMPATT diodes) and later, driven by such natural development trends, evolved by adding a few other models with 300 GHz oscillator topping the list of our featured products now.


The new datasheet/promo-brochure emphasizes the key features of the new device. As all other THz generators the new high-frequency 300 GHz source employs time-proven and reliable IMPATT technology (i.e. IMPATT diode inside), which in this case  is used in  combination with high-efficiency multiplier set at its output. Of course, just like other Terasense products the new device can boast  plug-and-play and compact design with all components  packed  inside a box, and easy controls accessible and understandable to the most unsophisticated end-user.

All other peculiarities, viz. detachable horn antenna that offers a gain of 26 dB, WR flange type, overheating protection and typical for all TeraSense generators modulation option are amply described in the document. It seems to be worthwhile drawing attention to just one important aspect, the output power of the device, which is shown as ~10mW / 30 mW. In fact, in means that Terasense can now offer two different models of 300 GHz generator, one with 10 mW output power and another one with 30 mW high output power. The later will definitely be very welcomed by our users of our new terahertz imaging scanner also set to operate at 300 GHz.

Well, instead of reading about it, you are welcome read the datasheet itself which is just one click away, available from the download link below.

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